How to maintain great customer service

You’ve worked so hard to get clients on board but the hard work isn’t over yet!

To ensure you get great client retention you need to maintain great customer service. Client retention is of utmost importance to your business. Without your clients, you don’t have a business.


Build great relationships with your clients from the outset, prove to them that you are approachable, friendly and trustworthy and put them at the centre of all the decisions which you make.


Remember that the more your business grows the more difficult it is to maintain this great customer experience. Don’t let your customer service falter as you grow, keep a close eye on it and take action before it does.




Good or bad make sure your customers are kept up to date. A customer would much prefer to hear the truth and it be bad news than to be strung along with lies. Being honest and open with your clients is how you will build trust. If you do have to give bad news just make sure that you do it empathetically. Show them that you are doing what you can to put things right and resolve the issue, put yourself in their shoes!


Sometimes the way in which we communicate can give the wrong impression. An email or text message can be misread so make sure you’re clear in what you say and that you come across as friendly. If something can’t be said how you want it to be said in writing, pick up the phone. Hearing your tone of voice will make the news more bearable and  you can be sure that your message is understood. Don’t use jargon!




Remain positive, use words which say, “what I can do is” instead of telling them what you can’t do. Having a solution rather than a problem is much better in the eyes of your customer. 


We all have bad days but by putting a smile on your face not only will you feel much better but your customer will hear it in your voice too. Don’t let a bad day be seen by your customers, positive vibes all the way!




As we touched upon earlier, be friendly with your customers. They need to know that they can easily approach you. Don’t just talk to your customers, listen to them and absorb the information. This is how you will build on your relationship. Make sure you ask them about their day, their plans for the weekend, their friends, family etc. Get to know them on a personal level so it shows them that they are not just a number, they are important to you.


Maintaining great customer service can be difficult when growing your business but if you want a successful business you need to keep your standards high. Word of mouth travels fast and travels even faster if your standards aren’t kept. Don’t let anything ruin your reputation.


If you want a bookkeeper who has high standards of customer service, then look no further! Our clients are at the centre of what we do. Your business is our business!


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