Top 5 tips for finding the right bookkeeper

Top 5 tips for finding the right bookkeeper


You may have reached the point where you know you just can’t juggle everything on your own. So far you’ve been managing to keep on top of your bookkeeping by yourself, but now that your business is growing and getting busier, it’s becoming more and more difficult and your bookkeeping gets pushed to one side. When you reach this point it’s important that you start looking for a bookkeeper to help you.


Where do you start though?

Your business is your baby, you’ve put so much time and effort into getting your business to where it is now, so you know you need to leave your accounts in the hands of someone you can trust.

Not only is a bookkeeper someone who keeps track of your transactions, the right bookkeeper will also be able to give you an insight into how your business is progressing and what direction you need to take in order to get to where you want to be. They are a valuable asset to your growing business.



It’s important you find a bookkeeper who you connect with. Just like recruiting your first team member, you need someone who you get along with, someone who is approachable and friendly but also knows what they are talking about.

Meet with your bookkeeper before making the commitment. This doesn’t need to be in person, many bookkeepers work virtually and are happy to meet with you on a video call. You’ll know straight away if the vibe is right and if you’re not going to have any issues communicating with each other. Communication and transparency is key to ensure your accounts are looked after correctly.


Experience and knowledge

It’s vital that your bookkeeper has experience in your line of work so that they have a better understanding of your processes. During your discovery call make sure you ask relevant questions to ensure that they understand your industry and are knowledgeable with it. 

Many bookkeepers niche in particular industries or business structures. For example we niche in larger companies using Xero Software and act as the outsourced finance department.



It’s fine to ask to see your potential bookkeepers proof of qualifications and practice license number. Don’t be afraid to ask. Most bookkeepers will display this information on their website anyway. If you know they are a registered practice you know that everything they do will be legitimate and above board.

The right software

Trekim uses Xero and Dext for all of our clients. This ensures consistency throughout our practice and gives our clients real time information which they can easily access from wherever they have internet connection. We use Dext to complement the software as it integrates well and we can keep track of all expenses to ensure none go missing. Using the right software means that your bookkeeping process is streamlined, easy to manage and easy to interpret data for you. Make sure you ask your potential bookkeeper what software they use and how easy it will be for you to access your financial status.


A good bookkeeper will be proactive. They will audit your accounts and give you feedback, highlighting what you’re doing well and what you can improve on to keep your cash flow nice and healthy. At Trekim we ensure our clients are getting the best out of the cash flow and we respond reactively to new circumstances which arise, this is bound to happen with your growing business. Just make sure the bookkeeper you hire will not just do the books, but guide your business to success.

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